Power to change lives

Medical equipment and medical device batteries have the power to change lives – and even to save them. Devices that restore hearing. Implantable devices that relieve pain. Ever more flexible, portable and intelligent equipment. All require power, and Quallion products can reliably provide it.

Rechargeable products

Using Quallion’s unique lithium-ion chemistry, Quallion’s Micro3, Micro20, BTE and SCS rechargeable batteries offer highly reliable long-life power in a range of sizes.

Micro3 – QL0003B

Designed specifically for human body temperature operation, this Micro3 has a high-power design; ideal for medical implants and sensors, with a low self-discharge rate and a long calendar life. 3mAh capacity Zero-Volt™ enabled.

Micro20 – QL0020B

An implantable medical device battery with high-power design and long cycle life, for use with a neuromodulation device for management of chronic pain or cardiac monitoring. Biocompatible, with a high-power design and extended cycle life. Zero-Volt™ enabled.


BTE – QL0230E & QL0370B

Available in two sizes, the Behind-the-Ear (BTE) battery is designed in external use in cochlear implants – an alternative to hearing aids – to help provide outstanding hearing. 230mAh & 370mAh capacity respectively.

SCS200 – QL0200IA 200mAh

Designed for spinal cord stimulation (SCS) devices which help relieve pain. Highly reliable, with an extended cycle life, and low self-discharge and long calendar life even at elevated temperatures. Over 500,000 SCS batteries delivered to date. 200mAh capacity. Zero-Volt™ enabled.


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About Us

Quallion designs and manufactures state-of-the-art lithium-ion raw materials, cells, battery packs and new battery chemistries for medical, aerospace and defence industries. Headquartered in Sylmar, California, Quallion was founded in 1998 with a mission to develop “QUALity Lithium ION” rechargeable power sources for unique and challenging requirements. Acquired in 2013 by EnerSys®, the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications, the company has continued to serve the rapidly-growing medical device market with batteries for both implantable and external devices.

Leveraging its core engineering capabilities, Quallion aims to fulfil the broadening range of customer criteria for power source design – from size constraints to biosafety and compatibility – through advanced product development. Its key innovations relate to improved safety, rechargeability, battery longevity, as well as establishing the proprietary Zero-Volt™ technology. Modelled after the FDA’s Quality System Regulations and meeting the latest ISO 13485 medical standards as well as the AS 9100D/ISO 9001 aerospace standards, Quallion’s manufacturing system is designed to achieve the high reliability required by customers.